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Aitutaki Island

Aitutaki consists of a main island, a turquoise lagoon and a surrounding barrier reef. The lagoon’s waters teem with marine life, including rays, bonefish and turtles. Near the main town of Arutanga, trails lead to the top of Maunga Pu hill. Boats run to small uninhabited islands called motu, including tiny Tapuaetai, known for its white sand beaches.

What to do in Aitutaki


Water activities

There are plenty of activities in the water to choose from, here are a few

Island Hoping Tour

There are multiple operators to choose from. Some depart from Arutanga wharf (right at your doorstep) and some from Ootu (on the other side of the island). All are great fun

Swim with the whales

During whale season you get a chance to swim with them. Tours depart from Arutanga wharf. 

Kitesurfing ~ Windsurfing ~ SUP Kayaking ~ Winging

For those more adventurous, there are lessons and equipment hire. Again taxis depart from Arutanga


Bird watching/hikes

Bird watching

From the comfort of your deck, you'll be able to see The Pacific reef heron, a species of heron found throughout southern Asia and Oceania. It occurs in two colour morphs with either slaty grey or pure white plumage. It's local name is kōtuku.

Take a short trip to Honeymoon island and you'll see a red-tailed tropicbird nesting. 

Maunga Pu walk

You'll find the start of the hike on the main road in Amuri (West side of the island). The peak reaches a height of 124m (407ft) and can be walked up in 20-30 minutes from the sign at the base. Maunga Pu’s summit has a whole lot of gorgeous island and lagoon views. 



Fresh produce local Market

Located in town, within walking distance, open early everyday.

There are a few restaurants distributed all around the Island to choose from. Koru Cafe in Ootu, Avatea Cafe, Aitutaki Lagoon restaurant in Akitua island, Boatshed Bar & Grill in Ootu, to name a few... 

Some restaurants offer an Island Night Show, an absolute must!

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